The Story

The East Side Story Project is now becoming a documentary series that follows Melissa Dueñas, a Chicana DJ, as she threads together the obscure origins of the iconic “East Side Story” lowrider oldies compilations. These albums of soul and doo-wop ballads, remain both an icon and mystery to the extended Chicano community that continuously enjoys these albums. The twelve volume set, initially released in the late 1970’s, remains an underground classic not only for the music, but for the photographic images of Chicanx and lowriders used on the covers, which was a rarity to see on albums at the time. Dueñas originally began archiving this history on Instagram, through which she was able to identify several people on the covers from their relatives/friends on social media. Driving around East Los Angeles Dueñas navigates a web of fragmented voices and memories. The web series will utilize a transmedia platform to weave a complicated network of oral histories; exploring the ways in which these narratives simultaneously align, intersect, and contradict in the story of each volume and in the overarching series of albums.