Trailer Premiere at LACMA


Come get a preview of what’s to come! Our series trailer will be premiering at LACMA on January 27th!

In celebration of the PST: LA/LA exhibition A Universal History of Infamy, LACMA presents a special Art & Music concert with Chicano singer Chris Montez and DJ & documentarian Melissa “Lil Smiley” Dueñas. Dueñas will spin songs from the 1970s compilation East Side Story, followed by a short preview of her documentary where she explores the origins and impact of this iconic record collection. A panel discussion follows with Dueñas, Montez, Rubén Funkahuatl Guevara (Ruben And The Jets, cofounded and produced by Frank Zappa) moderated by visual artist Vincent Ramos, focusing on the Los Angeles Chicano music scene of the 1970s and ’80s. The second set will feature Montez and his band. Inspired by Richie Valens, Montez grew up singing Mexican rancheras and went on to record such Top 10 hits as “Let’s Dance” and “Call Me.”

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